4 Fun Things to Do in Yamba

Yamba, Australia is a great town to visit if you are craving for a quiet beach holiday! In addition to great accommodation in Yamba, the town also has a great selection of attractions and activities that travellers of all ages can enjoy.

Here are some great activities to enjoy on your next visit to Yamba,

Visit the beaches

Yamba is famous for its lovely beaches. Whether you wish to enjoy a leisurely morning stroll, a jog in the afternoon or a surf session in the evenings, Yamba’s beaches are the perfect place to do it all! The most popular beach in the area is Pippi Beach, a popular spot among surfing enthusiasts and beach lovers in general. Other popular beaches in Yamba include Whiting Beach, Convent Beach and Yamba Beach.

Take a cruise on the Clarence River

Next to the beaches, Yamba’s second most popular attraction is the beautiful Clarence River. If you wish to explore the waters of the river, there is no better way to do so than to book a river cruise and fishing trip. You can rent a BBQ boat to take you out into the water, catch some great fish and cook it straight away and have a delightful feast right away! The added bonus is that you don’t need a boat license to drive these BBQ boats!

Visit the markets

The Yamba farmers market is open from 7am until 12noon on Wednesday. This is the perfect place to purchase fresh, organic produce and delightful prepared food and packaged food made by locals. The market is famous for free range eggs, tomatoes as well as organic pork, garden herbs from community gardens, wild rosellas and local honey. The Yamba River Market is also highly popular among locals and travellers who arrive in time for the last Sunday of each month. Held on the Clarence River, the market features local crafts, delicious fruit, organic vegetables and live entertainment.

Check out the art

Yamba is a great place to check out the work of talented local artists. The Ferry Park Gallery is a great place to find local artists’ work and to learn more about them. The Island Collective is another great place to find the work of talented artists such as sculptural pot hangers made by local designers. Arts and crafts items make great souvenirs and memorabilia of your travels.

If you are visiting the lovely town of Yamba, make sure to stay at the Yamba Aston Motel to enjoy easy access to the best attractions in town and to relax amidst the best amenities at an affordable price.