Destination: Yambas Pippi Beach

You will do well to spend your well-deserved break at Yamba. This coastal town in New South Wales, Australia has a total of 11 beaches all offering breathtaking scenery, secluded alcoves, fishing and fancy restaurants. One of its premiere spots is Pippi Beach.

Pippi Beach is your idyllic location for soaking up the sun and surfing in the great waves of the Pacific Ocean. The beach hosts the annual surfing competition “Pippi Beach Surf Classic” and visitors can go fishing off its rock shelf by the northern end. There are picnic facilities, a spacious parking area, showers and toilets in the beach.

To the northern end of the beach near Yamba Point, you will get good waves during the summer months. Great breaks can form along Pippi and neighboring Barri beaches. Pippi Beach is the most popular beach surf in all of Yamba, thus the annual surfing competition. 

The beach is facing southeast and it extends for 1.6 kilometers. The waves average 1.6 meters and maintain a double bar system. The beach is patrolled and swimmers are advised to stay on the bars far from the boundary rocks and the rips. Diving is allowed on the southern tip of the beach and there are ideal fishing spots as well.

Apart from water sports, there are other forms of entertainment in Pippi Beach. You can have a picnic and a fantastic barbequed meal. There is a restaurant, a sprinkling of small shops and national parks where you can explore various plant and wildlife species.

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