How to Plan a Surfing Trip to Yamba, NSW

New South Wales is home to quite a few amazing surf spots and Yamba is definitely a popular choice. This beautiful beach town is considered by many to be a classic Australian surf town. Featuring gorgeous beaches, caravan parks, pubs and incredible beauty, Yamba promises its travellers a relaxing riverside holiday experience. 

Find the best accommodation

The first step to planning your surfing trip to Yamba is to make sure that you have the right accommodation. If you are looking for great value, easy access to gorgeous beaches and all the right amenities, Yamba Aston Motel provides everything you need for a great holiday at the beach. 

The best surfing spots 

Yamba has several top-notch surfing spots. One popular surfing spot is Angourie Beach which was ‘discovered’ in the 1960’s and declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2007. This is the second Australian site to be recognized for being such an important surfing spot. In fact, Angourie Beach is pretty much sacred to Australian surfers. Another top surfing spot in Yamba is the idyllic Pippi Beach. Featuring great waves, Pippi Beach attracts a variety of surfers as well as surfing competitors. If you arrive at the right time, you may even be able to take part in the annual ‘Pippi beach Surf Classic’. 

Equipment, gear and instructors

You can always choose to carry your own gear and equipment on your surfing tour to beautiful Yamba. However, if you wish to rent your equipment and seek out the assistance of an instructor, you will find plenty of places to find high quality gear. Yamba is a great place for novice surfers to learn the sport. 

Other activities

When you are tired from battling the waves all day, you may want to think about enjoying a few other activities. For instance, there are several great restaurants in the area to grab a delicious and nutritious bite to eat at the end of an adrenaline pumping surfing session. If you are travelling with the family, picnics at the beach are an absolute must. Pippi Beach is a great choice for picnics. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the local markets to find some great souvenirs and delicious local-made food items. Be sure to pack a few good books to devour while you relax on the sand.

Important considerations

There are several important things to keep in mind when you plan a surfing tour in a sunny destination such as Yamba. For starters, you need good sun protection to avoid ending your holiday with a nasty sunburn. Pick a broad spectrum, high SPF, waterproof sunscreen and apply it as directed for the best results. If you are wearing a wet suit, pick one with long sleeves and a high neck for maximum coverage. Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses to keep those UV rays out of your eyes while you take in the stunning scenery.