Motel Accommodation in Yamba

Yamba is probably the best resort town and tourist destination in the northern region of New South Wales, Australia. Located on the mouth of the famous Clarence River, Australia’s largest mainland river popular for its natural beauty and unspoiled environment, Yamba is fast becoming a major holiday destination with a host of offerings unique to its locality plus a year round climate dubbed as one of the world’s best.

Yamba is characterised by endless stretches of amazing surfing beaches, breathtaking coastline scenery, a magnificent river system, sparkling waters, fresh seafood and fabulous cuisine, a number of great parks to be explored and a laid-back beach lifestyle perfect for vacationers and water sports enthusiasts. With long warm summers and moderate winters, the weather system at Yamba has been described by meteorologists and weather specialists as one of the world’s finest, not too hot on summertime and not too cold in wintertime. Yamba is simply perfect.

There’s something for everyone in Yamba. Visitors will never run out of things to do in this world-class coastal village with a variety of holiday activities that can be experienced at the spectacular Clarence River and the windswept white sand beaches facing the Pacific Ocean. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, diving, sailing, salt and freshwater fishing and surfing are just some of the popular water activities. Hikers and campers will be captivated by the town’s nature parks that offer panoramic views of the coasts, families and groups will enjoy the river cruises, ferry runs and wonderful picnic areas, lovers will enjoy the romantic walks by the beach on moonlit nights, while foodies will be satisfied by the gustatory delights served at the cafes and restaurants that line up along the waterfront, and make sure to order fresh oysters and prawn which the town is also known for! 

Yamba accommodation is also touted as one of Australia’s best, with the top rated and highly acclaimed Yamba Sun Motel leading the industry by offering visitors great accommodations at unbelievably affordable rates! Located within walking distance from Yamba’s famous attractions, the Sun Motel is the preferred Yamba accommodation of choice for travelers and guests who have experienced the beauty of this picture perfect holiday destination.

The Sun Motel’s cozy, clean and well-appointed rooms await tourists who long for a nice, comfortable and quiet place to stay after exploring the beautiful attractions of Yamba. The Motel offers a home away from home atmosphere with complete amenities that include a swimming pool and barbeque area. Free unlimited wireless internet service is also available day-in and day-out to allow guests to connect to the rest of the world and update and posts as many “selfies” or “groupies” on their social media accounts as they wish while staying in paradise.

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The Sun Motel, your place in paradise!

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