The Fascinating Town of Yamba

Yamba Motels

Magnificent beaches, spectacular views, unspoiled environments, rolling surfs, the freshest produce and mouth-watering seafood, the best climate in the world, historical and cultural richness, fabulous beach lifestyle, friendly hospitality and wonderful accommodation, if you like all of these things then you’ll definitely fall in love with Yamba, for these are just some of the most amazing and fascinating things you will experience in this quaint little paradise, famously known as the best holiday town in Australia for Yamba motels.

Yamba is a premier seaside holiday village located in northern New South Wales. The town is built on the banks of the biggest river on Australia’s east coast, the Clarence River, and is set amidst a backdrop of the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, pristine nature parks, virgin forests, largely unexplored wilderness areas and wetlands, cane farms and fantastic beaches. The village features a stylish country charm complimented by a welcoming community and a tourist friendly atmosphere, all of which made it into one of the top favorite holiday destinations among local and international tourists. These unique characteristics also contributed greatly to Yamba being voted and crowned by local and international travel writers, critics and magazines as the best town in Australia.

There are so many things to see and experience in Yamba, and a day or two is definitely not enough when you’re in paradise. Wake up to the gentle sounds of the waves and feel the light ocean breeze blow through your hair. Head off to the beach and witness the unforgettable sunrise on the Pacific’s vast horizons as it begins to bring warmth to everything in sight, and then prepare for a day full of thrills and amazement as you begin your journey of discovery in Yamba. 

Take a leisurely stride along one of Yamba’s Historical Walks and find the local museum to soak up the town’s fascinating history. You will also go by Pilot Hill and the Lighthouse Precinct along the way which offers stunning and awe inspiring ocean views, a must see for first time visitors in this area. Once you’re done sightseeing on land, head off to the marina to hire a boat, go on a river cruise and cruise the waterways that snake its way around town. There are also lots of great cafes and restaurants that serve the famous Yamba prawns and oysters so don’t pass up the opportunity to taste some when you go hungry. Should you prefer to personally reel in your own seafood there are plenty of fishing spots in Yamba for novice and professional anglers. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, canoeing, fishing, water and jet skiing, name any water sport you prefer and Yamba surely has an excellent spot for these events. 

Yamba accommodation is also highly acclaimed and is touted as the region’s best, with a healthy number of award-winning motels Yamba NSW Australia is truly proud of. For world-class comforts and impeccable accommodation services, check-in at the Yamba Aston Motel and make it your home in paradise. 

This is a place for complete mind and body rejuvenation. A place where you can forget your worries and just experience what it feels like to be young and vibrant again, a place where you can be in touch and become one with nature and its most magnificent offerings. Yamba is heaven on earth, and it is inviting to you come.

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