Yamba – Australia’s Little Paradise!

Everyone’s searching for that one special place, somewhere they could enjoy nature’s bounty and beauty, a perfect place where they can forget their worries and simply bask in life’s wonderful pleasures, a beautiful patch of earth which is out of the ordinary, a place they can consider as their own personal haven or simply heaven on earth …

Welcome to Yamba, the best town in Australia, a place where people have discovered that heaven is a place on earth. Yamba is a beautiful surfing and fishing village situated in the Northern Region of New South Wales, right on the mouth of the grand Clarence River, the country’s largest river on the East Coast. This locality features a relaxed beach lifestyle and a peaceful and elegant village charm, several miles of un-crowded world-class beaches, unspoiled national parks, great dining and wining options plus unequaled hospitality services and great accommodations at the classy Motels in Yamba.

Consistently voted as “the best town in Australia”, Yamba is also said to have the best climate in the world, an official declaration made by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the foremost agency for scientific research in the country and by the Stanford University Research Center in the United States (along with SU in Bunbury, WA). Yamba’s climate is moderate, which means it is not too hot during summers or too cold in wintertime, perfect for holiday getaways and precious sojourns all year round. The town has a small, welcoming population known for their graciousness towards visitors, and it is worthy to note that this town is also known for being one of the most peaceful and tourist friendly spots in the country.

Yamba’s popularity is steadily growing among those who had the opportunity to experience the beautiful offerings of this little Australian paradise. Professional surfers from around the globe flock to Yamba for its amazing surfing beaches, families and couples come to bond and enjoy its serenity, caravans arrive for its wonderful camp sites and caravan parks, everything to be desired is in Yamba and some people actually stay for longer periods of time whenever they are in Australia’s best town. Explore Yamba’s myriad of waterways that offer every imaginable opportunity for water sports activities, go swimming, diving, fishing, boating, kayaking or cruising in the Clarence or in the world-class beaches, wine and dine in the finest restaurants, bars and cafes or simply take a stroll and enjoy the beauty of nature, you’ll never run out of things to do and enjoy in Yamba.

Accommodation in Yamba is also highly acclaimed by travel advisors worldwide, with a host of excellent motels offering premier services to the town’s guests, with Yamba Sun Motel leading the hospitality scene by providing outstanding accommodation facilities and services to everyone. Make Yamba Sun Motel your home in paradise, and we promise to add up more enjoyment and satisfaction to your Yamba getaway.

We invite you to discover Yamba and see yourself why this place is called the best town in Australia, and we guarantee you will never be disappointed.