Yamba NSW – Probably the Best Vacation Destination in the World!

Accommodation in Yamba

Everybody needs to have a good vacation, a respite from the everyday hassles and stresses of modern living that we all face every single day. A vacation is meant to allow the body, mind and soul some precious time to rest and rejuvenate, to unwind and forget life’s little worries even for a brief moment, a time to be free whether by your lonesome, with your partner, the whole family or with your friends. Holidays are best spent in stress free environments, somewhere beautiful, serene and relaxing, a hidden paradise where one can commune with nature and marvel at its splendor and grandeur. We invite you to come and visit Yamba, Australia’s best kept secret and probably the best vacation destination in the world.

Yamba is a quaint seaside holiday village located along the Pacific Coast in New South Wales, Australia. It offers a fusion of old days charm and modern countryside lifestyle set in a pristine environment unlike anywhere in the world. Yamba has been hailed as Australia’s best town by local and international travel magazines, travel agencies and tourism authorities, labeling the holiday village as one of the top vacation destinations in the world. It sits on the banks of the largest estuary in the East Coast of Australia, where rivers and streams flow to meet the Pacific Ocean, offering a multitude of waterways waiting to be explored by travelers. The village is blessed liberally with a year round perfect climate that has also been called by environmental experts as the world’s best weather system, a unique environment where it is never too hot or too cold, excellent atmosphere for rest and recreation. Postcard perfect at all angles Yamba is surrounded by largely untouched bush lands and forests, rolling hills and green fields set in a backdrop of the blue Pacific seas and the clear waters of the Clarence River. The holiday village prides itself for offering tourists a beautiful getaway paradise that is safe, wholesome and peaceful, counting among its most valuable characteristics the excellent hospitality and friendliness accorded to all its guests which continues to endear Yamba to the hearts of many from across the globe.

Yamba accommodations is also said to be one of Australia’s finest, with Yamba Motels earning accolades for providing world-class services to tourists and guests at unbelievably affordable rates. Top quality accommodation can be found at the Yamba Sun Motel, the town’s most popular vacation motel that offers unrivaled comforts and friendly hospitality which is highly acclaimed by tourists and travel authorities alike. The Yamba Sun Motel is a resort style facility that features clean, well furnished and comfortable rooms, a pool and barbeque area, ample parking spaces, top-class services and is strategically located near all of Yamba’s great attractions.

Experience the best of Yamba and see for yourself why this is Australia’s number one town. Make your dream vacation extra special, stay at the Yamba Sun Motel!