Yamba – The Number 1 Holiday Town in Australia

he best tourist town in Australia” is how the most respected travel publication in this country, the Australian Traveller magazine, describes the premier holiday village of Yamba in New South Wales’ Northern Rivers District. 

Yamba is a world-class tourist destination which features a number of excellent beaches and sandy coves, unspoiled rivers, lagoons and waterways and pristine nature parks, all offering great opportunities for new and exciting discoveries and an assurance of pure fun and enjoyment for everyone. This seaside resort village is all about nature’s beauty and grandeur; it is constantly bathed in warm sunlight and is blessed with an abundance of nature’s finest gifts and jewels. 

The town is built on the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and around the mouth and banks of the Clarence River, making it a highly interesting and attractive holiday destination to those who love to frolic in the sands and spend time in warm and inviting waters. This bustling getaway village which is characterised by a myriad of waterways plus the open seas serves as a great location to carry out waters sports activities and offers endless opportunities for kayaking and boating, water skiing, saltwater and freshwater fishing, surfing, swimming and snorkeling. Also surrounded by pristine wetlands and nature parks, Yamba is perfect for camping, hiking, bird and wildlife watching and wilderness explorations. Whale watchers and tourists will also be delighted to know that the ocean waters nearby are frequented by different species of whales that feed and mate during migration season,  a rare opportunity to see these magnificent sea creatures, which comes in great numbers from May through September, up close. 

Yamba is also blessed with a unique, all year long idyllic weather which has been certified by climate scientists at the CSIRO and the Stanford University as the world’s best climate. The resort town features one of the best climate systems on the planet, with long, warm summers and cool, temperate winters most people will find perfect at any given moment. Yamba is truly heaven on earth. 

The abundance of nature’s bounties can be seen clearly on Yamba’s fish ports where the freshest catch of the day are unloaded by numerous fishing boats that frequent the town’s coastal waters for its bounties. The largest commercial fishing fleets in New South Wales call Yamba their home port and this is where most of the state’s seafood supply comes from, making the town a great place of gustatory delight where you can savour the freshest seafood catch.

Yamba accommodation is also considered as among the finest in New South Wales and plays a major role in the state’s and the district’s tourism industry. Yamba hotels are the best in the region with most offering vacationers world-class facilities and services at tourist friendly rates. A fine example of the highly-acclaimed Yamba accommodation can be experienced at the Yamba Sun Motel, a beautiful and comfortable accommodation facility offering unmatched services at unbelievably low rates. 

The Yamba Sun Motel is centrally located and offers easy access to all the great attractions that the best tourist town in Australia has to offer, making it an ideal place to stay in while vacationing in Yamba.