Enjoy Yamba with the Best Yamba Accommodation

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is relaxing, calm, beautiful and is full of fantastic activities that the whole family can enjoy, then Yamba is a perfect choice. The beautiful town, located on the northern end of New South Wales is famous for its fascinating attractions and the great fishing opportunities. Of course, finding Yamba accommodation within easy reach of the exciting parts of the town is quite simple as there are plenty of affordable and comfortable options such as the Yamba Sun Motel, readily available to travellers. If you are planning a holiday to Yamba and wondering what to see and what to do, here are some great ideas to make your stay all the more exciting and memorable.

Head out to the water

Watersports is an absolute must for any traveller to beautiful Yamba. Home to 11 exquisite beaches, Yamba features excellent opportunities to swim in calm waters as well as to indulge in the exhilaration of surfing. Some of the most popular Yamba beaches include Pippi Beach and Angourie Point, Whiting Beach and Main Beach. Fishing is a major activity in the town and people from around the state and the rest of the country flock to Yamba to enjoy the sport. Visitors have the option of either fishing from the shore or join a fishing charter adventure. Boating lovers are also in luck at Yamba as boats and boating tours are readily available for those who wish to do a bit of sailing or to enjoy some sightseeing on the calm waters. Let’s not forget about the many river sports opportunities in Yamba. The town sits on the Clarence River delta where visitors are given a chance to enjoy more watersports such as kayaking, boating, swimming and freshwater fishing.

Enjoy a bit of history – on foot!

Aside from riverside attractions and beach activities, Yamba is also home to a variety of historical highlights. For history buffs, the town offers history walks in two options: the Flat Walk and the Hill Walk where travellers can explore the historical marvels in the town on foot. Both trails are 3 kilometres in distance and are approximated to take about 1.5 hours to complete. This is a fascinating opportunity to retrace the steps of Mathew Flinders, the famous explorer! The most prominent historic landmarks in Yamba include the Yamba Historical Museum, the Yamba Lighthouse and Flinders Well.

Sightseeing and relaxing

The beaches and riverbanks of Yamba is not just about working up a sweat! You can also find a great spot under a beach umbrella or a shady tree to catch up on your reading or to enjoy a bit of sun and wind. In addition to the riverside, beachside and historical attractions, the town features many other great things for visitors to enjoy. For instance, the Yuraygir National Park is a popular destination not only for hiking and biking enthusiasts but also for those who love gorgeous scenery, camping and catching a glimpse of the local wildlife.

Give your taste buds a treat!

Enjoying Yamba’s adrenaline pumping activities is sure to work up an appetite. No matter what you are craving, Yamba is fully equipped with many great restaurants featuring delicious fresh seafood dishes, perfectly prepared steaks and cold drinks to wind things up.

If you are planning a visit to the beautiful town of Yamba, be sure to choose and book your Yamba accommodation ahead to make sure that you can plan a memorable trip. The gorgeous town is the perfect place for a quiet romantic getaway, solitary soul-searching escape or even a fun-filled family vacation. In short, there is definitely something for anyone in the lovely town of Yamba!

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