Explore the Stunning Clarence River

The beautiful town of Yamba has no shortage of picturesque attractions and exciting activities. Being located at the mouth of the Clarence River in the Northern portion of New South Wales, Yamba is the ideal location to explore the largest river on Australia’s East coast. The mighty river runs through the state and flows into the Pacific Ocean just to the north of the lovely town which is one of the top vacation spots in the country.

While there is plenty to do and see in Yamba; exploring the Clarence River is an absolute must if you are hoping to make the most of your visit. The Clarence River is famous for its stunning natural beauty and can be enjoyed at its best with the following activities.

Go on a ferry ride

One of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Clarence River is to sign up for one of the many, locally operated Clarence River ferries. The ferry that runs between Yamba and Iluka, located across the river, is an excellent choice. This allows you to not only enjoy the vibrant natural scenery but also to explore the beautiful town of Iluka at the same time. There are various other ferry options and among the most popular are the dinner cruises which offer a scrumptious meal with an unmatched view. Some ferries even offer live music and a chance to learn more about the river as you take in the incredible scenery.


There is a great selection of beaches around the area that allow some truly excellent opportunities to enjoy the lovely water of the Clarence River. The water is generally calm and perfect for a leisurely swim while taking in the gorgeous scenery. Even beginners won’t find it much of a challenge to swim on the Clarence River. 

Go whale watching

Yamba is a prime destination to enjoy whale watching at its best. If your trip falls between the months May and October, you will be able to embark on a whale watching tour and enjoy the view and company of majestic whales and playful dolphins that roam the area. You can choose from several great local tour operators to do a bit of whale watching while exploring the Clarence River during your stay. 

Try kayaking down the river

If you love a bit of adventure and the thrill of being active, kayaking is definitely the best choice for you to enjoy the beauty of Clarence River. Yamba is home to several affordable companies that provide kayak rentals. If you do not wish to venture into the waters on your own, you can also sign up for a kayaking tour that will provide the added bonus of interesting facts about the area. If you have not kayaked before, a tour may be the best choice where you will also get to learn about the area’s fascinating culture and history. You can choose from full or half-day tours. 

If you are tempted to explore the gorgeous Clarence River, be sure to book your accommodation at the Yamba Aston Motel. We provide the best amenities at the best prices while also offering greater convenience in planning your activities and excursions.