The Best Surfing Beaches in Yamba

Yamba is a gorgeous surf town with beautiful attractions and exciting activities to offer. The town is a highly popular destination among surfers of various skill levels. Boasting several excellent surfing beaches, top notch Yamba accommodation to suit all requirements and plenty of places to find gear and surfing lessons, the coastal town is the perfect surfing holiday destination. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate level surfer or a professional grade sportsman, Yamba can offer everything you need for an unforgettable surfing experience. The town’s family-friendly atmosphere welcomes children as well as those who wish to get started on the sport.

If you are thinking of enjoying a fabulous surfing holiday in Yamba, here are a few top notch surf spots to enjoy during your stay.

Back Beach Angourie

Located to the south of Angourie Point, Back Beach Angourie is a great choice for those with a bit of surfing experience. Depending on the day’s weather, one can catch many great waves and keep the excitement up. However, the waves at Back Beach Angourie are not as challenging as those at Angourie Point. Be sure to check the weather conditions before visiting.

Spookies Beach

Spookies Beach is located to the north from Angourie Point and another great choice for intermediate surfers. Beginners can also find great waves to learn the sport. This is a popular beach that attracts a lot of families. If you are travelling to Yamba with kids, Spookies Beach is a great spot to teach your children how to surf. The waves are soft but still strong enough for a thrilling experience.

Angourie Point

If you want the best surfing beach in Yamba, this is it! Angourie Point is the most popular surfing spot in Yamba and attracts surfers from all over the world. In fact, Angourie Point is one of the only protected surfing reserves in the country. Due to the consistent strength of the waves, Angourie Point is best reserved for those with surfing experience. The beach is located to the south of downtown Yamba and can be reached via the 380 bus or a drive.

Pippi Beach

Pippi Beach is highly popular among surfers as well as travellers who love gorgeous ocean views. There are several great surf spots directly in front of the beach as well as on its northern end. Pippi Beach features excellent waves during the summer when an annual surfing contest takes place.

Main Beach

If you are a beginner in search of gentle waves and lifeguard patrolling, Main Beach is a great choice. During the summer holidays, the area is patrolled by life guards and the beach is perfectly safe for families with small children.

Turners Beach

Turners Beach is located to the north from the iconic Yamba Lighthouse. The beach features top notch surfing spots on its north and south ends. The gentle swells make Turners Beach a popular choice among beginners and intermediate surfers.