The Ideal Beach Town

The coastlines of Queensland are home to a wide variety of beach towns and surf culture, it can often be very overwhelming trying to find the perfect sandy grove getaway. Fortunately, Yamba’s wide assortment of attractions, beach facilities and accommodation ensure an ideal experience for every visitor. Whether you’re here to ride waves, explore the rock pools and natural formations throughout the region or just sip cocktails by the beach, Yamba is sure to have something for everyone and is the perfect coastal getaway location. Most residents of Yamba can be found among the vast array of beaches along the coast line, with features such as the break wall and rock formations throughout the shoreline, there is no wonder the populace will often be found spending their leisure time amongst the beautiful beaches of the town. The Yamba Sun Motel’s close proximity to the local marina also allows for easeful boat hire and access to fishing charters.

Accomodation in Yamba

It’s important to find accommodation that’s close enough to the centre of Yamba to ensure the full experience and culture of the town, the Yamba Sun Motel provides all of this and is just a short walking distance from the Yamba Wharf, Yamba Bowls Club and the centre of town, which provides many cafes and restaurants as well as beaches. The Yamba Sun Motel not only offers this but also a pool and bbq facility, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and in-room Austar cable tv. The Yamba Sun Motel is central to all of Yamba’s best amenities and is a great choice in accommodation for your perfect coastal getaway in Yamba.

Attractions in Yamba

The above map shows the most common and popular tourist attractions/destinations within proximity of the beautiful town of Yamba. The wide variety of shopping, cuisine and attractions shown above should be used to their full extent in order to experience the ideal holiday in Yamba.

Yamba Shores Tavern

If you find yourself in need of a hearty meal and a cold beer, the Yamba Shores Tavern provides a welcoming and friendly pub experience, with live music, bar games and great food, it’s certainly worth taking a night off to enjoy the warm appeal of the Yamba Shores Tavern.  The Tavern also features a bottle shop if you’d rather spend the night in with your loved ones. Whether you wish to spend a night on the town, listen to some live local music or just enjoy a night at home with a bottle of wine, the Yamba Shores Tavern is sure to make a great day/night visit

Yamba Museum

Yamba is home to the beautiful Port of Yamba Historical Society “Story House” which features an extensive display of photography and public records evidence of Yamba’s strong maritime history as well as information on the traditional custodians of the land. The museum is open from 10am -4:30pm from Tuesday till Thursday and 2pm – 4:30pm on weekends. (Or by special appointment)

Beaches of Yamba

With such a vast array of beautiful beaches and waterfronts, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key oceanfront locations in order to find the ideal spot for your day in Yamba. All 7 of Yamba’s beautiful beaches make amazing destinations for watersports, swimming, surfing or just lounging in the sun. As the above image displays, the Yamba Sun Motel is within close proximity of both Whiting Beach, Turners Beach, Yamba Beach, Convent Beach and Pippi Beach. A visit to Turners Beach followed by a quick walk to the Yamba lighthouse would make for a great (and free) day out with the family.

If you plan on fishing or engaging in other watersport activities it’s important to know the relevant Yamba tides, below is a link to the Bureau of Meteorology’s tide charts for Yamba.

Angourie Blue Pool

A relaxing day among the beautiful rock pools of Angourie is a must-do with any trip to Yamba, being only a 7-minute drive away from the Yamba Sun Motel there’s no reason not to be enjoying the wonders of Angourie’s Blue Pool.

Fishing Spots in Yamba

It’s very unlikely you’ll find yourself visiting the coastal town of Yamba and not partaking in the many watersports participated in across the coastline. One of the main attractions of Yamba are the unreal fishing spots located throughout the region, these include Lovers Point, The Breakwall, Whiting Beach, Middlewall, Oyster Channel and Lake Wooloweyah. As well as this the accessible fishing charter hire located on the wharfs of Yamba provide prime fishing and watersport opportunity for all visitors and residents of Yamba.

Yamba Golf & Country Club

A short walk from the Motel you will find the Golf & Country Club, a great place to spend an evening alone or away from the kids with fine dining, champagne, wine and a luscious full-sized 18-hole golf course. Whether you’re a golfing expert or just looking for a fine dining experience the Yamba Golf & Country Club is sure to have something for everyone.

Aboriginal Heritage

Yamba still retains a large presence of Aboriginal culture and heritage, a visit to the Yamba Museum is ensured to provide an outlook on the history of Yamba’s traditional custodians, the Yaegl people. A day spent at the Yamba Museum would make a great family experience that is both educational and fun, that also reminds us of the Aboriginal heritage and culture that is often forgotten. Beautiful artworks by the local indigenous community paint a beautiful portrait of Yamba’s culture and appeal as well as retaining the authenticity of traditional aboriginal artwork. All visitors of Yamba are encouraged to take the opportunity to learn about the heritage of the land and the indigenous people of Australia.