Why is Yamba the Best Town in Australia

With its beautiful landscapes, islands, white sand beaches, clean water, there is no doubt that Yamba is one of the most famous and attractive towns in Australia. Not only Australian people, in fact, people across the whole world come to this wonderful place to explore the beauty of nature. Because of a lot of amazing sightseeing locations and unforgettable beauties, Yamba comes in the list of top 10 holiday destinations. Before you get to know about the must visit places in Yamba, let’s start with the basic introduction of this special place.

What does Yamba mean?

Yamba is a beautiful town in New South Wales. The town is located on the bank of the famous Clearance River in Australia. Have you ever thought what does the term Yamba stand for? If no, have a look the below description what does Yamba mean?

  • Y:  Stands for Yes (means always available to grab new opportunities or possibilities)
  • A:  Means Accomplished (fully trained or skilled)
  • M:  For Mystery (something that can’t be explained)
  • B:  Used for Bouquet (the flowers available around)
  • A:  Describes Activities (open to a lot of adventures and activities)

This is the actual meaning of each letter which completes Yamba.  Mathew Flinders was the first European who visited this place at first in July 1799. Australian Traveler Magazine announced this place as the best town in Australia in 2009.

What is Yamba famous for?

Are you planning to visit Yamba in your coming holidays? Great, go and have fun. To make your trip successfully awesome, you need to make earlier planning and preparation. Google and make a list of the famous points in Yamba, if you don’t want to skip any of them. As, there are plenty of places to visit but some of them are outstanding that you wouldn’t want to miss. Scroll the internet and know what is Yamba famous for and what activities you want to do there to make every moment of your trip special. 

The things for which Yamba is famous are:

1. Outstanding Beaches: Yes, of course, Yamba is notable for its exquisite beaches. These beaches are the perfect places to enjoy morning stroll, for your jogging, and a walk in the evening. Pippi Beach, Convent Beach, Whiting Beach, and Yamba Beach are the most popular beaches in Yamba. Beach sites are the best place to enjoy sand parties.

2. Beautiful Clearance Rives: Yamba is also known for its most beautiful attraction Clearance River.  Don’t skip the chance to take a cruise on the Clearance River and explore the clear water. You can also enjoy fishing over there. Rent a boat to take you out into the water wherever you want to go, catch fishes, cook them, and enjoy the delightful feast.

3. Amazing Art Galleries: Another thing you must do there is exploring the amazing work of talented artists. The town is highly popular for exceptional artists of the industry. To explore the outstanding work of professional artists, The Ferry Park Gallery is the perfect place. The Island Collective is also a great place to observe the sculptural work done by local designers. The impact of this art work can make your trip more interesting.

4. Markets of the Yamba: For people who love to shop, Yamba markets come with a lot of opportunities. Don’t forget to visit these amazing markets anyhow. Buy special things of Yamba from the markets and make memories for life long. Before you go shopping, confirm when are the Yamba markets on. The special Yamba markets open up a single or two days in a week.

For example, farmers market of Yamba is on Wednesday from 7 am to 12 noon. A great market to but the delicious and delightful foods prepared by locals. One another market is Yamba River market and held on every last Sunday of the month. In this market, you can find fresh fruits, local crafts, and live programs are arranged to entertain the audience. So know the schedule of these special markets and plan your trip accordingly. ‘

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