Yamba for You

The town of Yamba in New South Wales is a very popular beach town. Tourists and locals come here all year round for a holiday with their friends and family. The climate is perfect, the people are relaxed and welcoming, and there are lots of attractions to while the hours away. Being a tourist town there are plenty of motels in Yamba for individuals and groups alike. These motels are distributed all over town so that you have a choice of staying near the beach, at the centre of town, or near a nature preserve or a national park.

The visitors of Yamba typically come for the gorgeous beaches. These stretches of pristine beaches and cool clear water are ideal for all types of aquatic sports and recreation. While there are plenty of beaches to choose from, the Main Beach is perhaps the most popular among visitors. It is located near Flinders Park and is heavily patrolled especially during summer. The beach is ideal for swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and for many other water fun activities. There are also great spots to hold a picnic or a barbecue that families can enjoy together.

Turners Beach is located between the town lighthouse and the break wall. There is also Whiting Beach, which has still, serene water making it ideal for young children. Surfers enjoy Convent Beach for its huge swells. It is located right between Lovers Point and the main beach. Health buffs who crave for a good run can head off to Pippi Beach, which is ideal for walking or running as it starts from Lovers Point and continues on to the south just by Angourie.

Finding a place to stay in Yamba is not really difficult. If you are planning a holiday here, you can obtain all the information you need in the Internet. Make sure you educate yourself on the things to see and do in the town to be able to maximise your visit. You can also log on to the website of Yamba motels to check for rates and availability and even complete your reservations by paying online. A stress-free, totally fun, and memorable holiday is the way to go these days. Thousands of people do it all the time and even several times within a year.