Yamba Motels

Australia is definitely on top of the list of the world’s best travel destinations, counting among its most recognisable jewels the global Cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, all world-renowned and established tourist havens visited by millions of travelers year round. What most people don’t know is that Australia still has a lot more gems waiting to be discovered, and the countryside is truly an explorer’s dream. Blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, the countryside awaits tourists in search of the proverbial heaven on earth, and we guarantee you will never be disappointed.

The next time you plan to visit the Land of Oz, head off to the northern region of New South Wales where you will find the holiday resort village of Yamba, voted by reputable travel authorities as “the best town in Australia!” It is a two hour plane ride from Sydney, a two hour drive from the Gold Coast or three hours drive from Brisbane, depending on where you intend to land to start your journey to paradise. Built around the mouth of the mighty Clarence River, Yamba has been said to have the perfect temperate climate for holidays, warm long summers and cool winters, year-round. It is a bustling fishing community characterised by un-crowded white sand beaches surrounded by National Parks swept by the gentle Pacific breeze, rolling hills and verdant surroundings, a relaxed pace of life, a laid-back beach lifestyle and a calm and peaceful atmosphere favored by many who search for serenity and tranquility.

Yamba’s myriad of waterways and pristine beaches offer travelers a host of activities. Tourists can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, fishing, kayaking, boating and jet skiing on the mighty Clarence River or at the excellent beaches. Enjoy a sip of your favorite drink or dine at the award-winning restaurants and cafes by the waterfront. Take long strolls on the lovely coast. Set camp on top of the hills and enjoy panoramic views. Hike along the trails of the National Parks. You’ll never run out of something interesting to do and experience at Yamba.

Yamba accommodation is also hailed as one of the best in New South Wales and visitors will be pleased at how relatively affordable accommodation facilities are in the holiday village. Top-rated and multi-awarded resort style facilities offer priceless comforts to weary souls, with some strategically located within the vicinity of the town’s different offerings.

Yamba Motels are known for their affordability, with some facilities such as Yamba Sun Motel gaining critical acclaim from international travel magazines for their well designed living facility and great care for customers staying at the motel. The Yamba Sun Motel is at the center of everything guests would want to experience at Yamba, with the world-class beaches, award-winning cafes and restaurants and other amazing attractions nearby.

Experience the unique beauty of Yamba, and make sure to book your vacation home only at the Yamba Sun Motel!