Yamba – The Crown Jewel of New South Wales

The Clarence Coast in New South Wales is the top tourist destination in Australia’s east coast. It covers an impressive 80 kilometers of magnificent coastline that offers excellent beaches, pristine nature parks and coastal rainforests, amazing collection of flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes, holiday towns and communities full of history and cultural significance, fantastic seafood and the grand Clarence River. But perhaps the most outstanding and impressive amongst all of Clarence Coasts’ offerings is the holiday village of Yamba, the best town in Australia.

Yamba is Mother Nature’s finest gem. It has all the desirable natural attributes people look for in a premium getaway destination and even more. This vacation village serves as the center of attraction and the true gem in all of New South Wales’ tourism offerings, as it has all the elements that are needed for a perfect holiday.

Being crowned as Australia’s #1 town means Yamba has bested thousands of towns across the nation and it is easy to understand why. Yamba is simply perfect. The town features world-class surfing beaches, pristine waterways, picturesque ocean views, unspoiled nature parks, a tourist friendly community and a climate system unlike any place on earth. Yamba’s climate has been certified and declared by scientists from reputable institutions as the best climate system in the world. The sub-tropical climate in this holiday village features long, warm, sunshiny (but not too hot) summer days and cool, temperate winters, the perfect climate for relaxation and play.

Yamba is situated right on the place where the majestic Clarence River meets the Pacific Ocean, and it is characterised by the numerous tributaries snaking inside and out of the mainland and by the endless coastlines and beautiful beaches nearby. The town is a well known fishing village and houses the largest fishing fleet in all of New South Wales. The waterways in this holiday resort town are ideal for all types of fishing, be it beach, rock, estuary or deep sea sports fishing.

The marina is a great place to visit for the freshest catch and is where you will find some of the award-winning cafes and restaurants that serve Yamba’s official seafood delights, prawns and oysters. Different kinds of boats, boathouses and cruisers are available for hire to take you on a river or ocean cruise. Those who’d like to immerse on Yamba’s rich history may visit the local museum that houses photos, paintings and memorabilia’s of the town’s colorful past. A short walk from the museum leads you to The Pilot Hill and lighthouse precinct, the best locations for beautiful panoramic views of the ocean. The fine sand beaches in Yamba are mostly uncrowded and immaculately pristine, making it a great place to swim, dive, snorkel, water ski or do everything else you want to do under the sun.

Yamba also features world-class seaside accommodation facilities that offer great savings and excellent value for money. Several Yamba hotels have gained recognition and critical acclaim for offering 5 star comforts at very affordable rates.

The Yamba Sun Motel is the number one choice for tourists and guests, and this inn remains as Yamba’s most popular and highly acclaimed accommodation facility owing to its unequaled hospitality services and beautiful facilities that can be enjoyed at unbelievably low rates.